Spending Less Time on Social Media

Social media can be very addictive. You might have resolved in your mind to not check any notification on your twitter accounts.

But before you know it you’re trapped in a web of tweets. Or maybe you just wanted to watch a video on YouTube but unknowingly, you ended up bingeing.

I’m sure a lot of us have experienced scenarios similar to this.

Even if you’re the most disciplined man on earth, you might end up spending your entire time on social media careful if you’re not.

Statistics shows that out of 7.8 billion humans, 3.5 billion make use of social media.

And the average person spends three hours of his time on social networking daily.

There are also outliers who spend all day on social media.

Social media can be mesmerizing, but that doesn’t mean you should be enslaved to it.

This article will be discussing on some ways to help curb the time spent on social media.

Spending Less Time on Social Media-12 Suggestions

1. Acknowledge you have a Social Media Addiction:

There is a Yoruba adage that says “The day a mad man becomes aware of his madness, that’s the day he’ll become sane”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone is mad. I’ll just like you to consider the principle behind this adage.

This principle highlight the fact that to solve a problem you need to be aware of it.

Likewise, to stop social media addiction, you need to acknowledge that you’re addicted.

Hints on checking time the spent on social media:

  • Click on the icon named settings on your phone.
  • Click on the battery option.
  • It should display a page at the bottom where you’ll see a list of estimated time spent on each application daily.

Ponder on the time you spend on social media applications. If you feel you’re spending a lot of time, think of something better to do with that time.
Social Media Facts:

  • Adolescents who are enslaved to social media spend about nine hours on it daily.
  • Out of every three divorces, one of them is caused by social media.

2. Make use of alarm or a Timer:

When using social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and others, it’s possible to lose track of time.

Hours become minutes and minutes become seconds. By the time you realize what time it is, a lot of time has been wasted in viewing unhelpful tweets and feeds.

It would be best to set an alarm or a timer so you can be in control of your time.

Hints on how to set an alarm or a timer:

  • Locate the clock icon on your phone and set the alarm or timer.
  • It will be best to make use of an alarm tone that’ll compel you to drop the phone when the time’s up.

Social Media Facts:

  • Four out of every ten adolescent do not get enough sleep because of social media addiction.
  • Over 200 million people all over the world are addicted to social media

3. Constantly Change the Social Media Application’s Folder:

Have you ever given your sibling or friend money to hide for you? I don’t know about you but I’ve done that a lot of times.

If you don’t know where the money is, you can’t spend it. The same principle should be applied in the case of social media apps.

Hints in changing the location:

  • Remove the application from your main screen.
  • Constantly put them in folders you rarely open.
  • You can freeze or delete the app when they’re not in use.

Social media Facts:

  • At the end of every month, Instagram has about a billion users.
  • 42% out of the human population makes use of social media.

4. Make use of Applications to Help limit Social Media Time:

Apart from freezing applications or changing their locations, use other apps to help limit social media time.

I’ll be discussing on just three out of the many applications that can be used.

Bark: This application can be used on android, amazon and even apple devices.

It doesn’t really block apps. But it’s very useful in monitoring your Childs online activity.

Some of its Benefits:

  • It always gives you weekly updates about your account.
  • Monitors chats on the social media apps connected to it.
  • Notifies you whenever there’s pornographic material.

FamiSafe: This application can only be used on android and apple devices.

Some of its Benefits:

  • It can block social media applications.
  • It can also block unhealthy contents and webpages.
  • It has a feature that lets guardians or parents see history that have being erased.

OurPact: It can only be used on android and apple devices.

Some of its Benefits:

  • It has a feature that allows guardians and parents to restrict usage of some apps and visits to selected sites.
  • It can block pornographic content from websites.

Social Media Facts:

  • A lot of children begin to use social media from age eight.
  • A lot of sexual abuse cases begin on social media.

5. Entertain yourself with Hobbies that are not Device Related:

24 hours make up a day. And when you multiply 24 by 7 days which makes up a week, you’d have 168 hours.

Can you dedicate at least one hour a week to do something that isn’t device related.

You can dedicate your time to

  • Drawing
  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Going out with friends
  • Walking your dog if you have one

The list goes on and on. Honestly, there are a lot of activities to select from, social media isn’t the only way to have a good time.

But if you are really determined to reduce the time you spend on social media, don’t limit yourself.

Why not make your social media free time one day per week. Just a day free from notifications, updates and tweets.

Social Media Facts:

  • Studies have shown that those who engage in art related activities for at least 2 hours weekly seem to have a better mental health.
  • Young adults who spend up to 5 hours on social media have a high tendency to be depressed.

6. Keep your Phone Away From you when Eating:

A lot of people chat or view photos on Instagram when eating. I’m guilty of this too.

Placing your phone as far away from you as possible is a very effective way to curb this habit.

Doing this requires a lot of self-restraint. But the goal is to reduce the time spent on social media and I’m sure it’s worth it.


  • Leave your phone is your bed room or under some furniture.
  • You can give it to someone else to hold for you.
  • Put the phone on DND or silent mode so you aren’t tempted to pick it up.

Social Media Facts:

  • Adolescents spend a lot of time on social media than they spend on TV.
  • Taylor swift is the most influential person on Twitter.

7. Don’t Sleep with your Phone Close to you:

If you place adolescents into groups of ten, studies show that four from each group don’t get enough sleep because of social media.

Notification pops from the phone make you curious about what goes on online.

And this makes it harder to fall asleep.


  • Switch off your phone and place it somewhere it will be difficult to reach.
  • Charge your phone outside your room.

Social Media Facts:

  • Prolonged use of phones can cause sleeping disorder and can make it worse.
  • About 71 percent of people living in America sleep with their phones beside them.

8. Make sure Notifications are switched off:

Whenever a message comes in you hear notification pops.

Automatically you pick up your phone and view the message.

Don’t allow your notifications dictate when you should check your emails and messages. Switch it off.

That way you’d only check your messages when you feel like it.

Social Media Fact:

9. Click Unfollow:

Intentionally unfollow certain people on social media. Especially the interesting ones. This approach is only temporary.

You can follow them back whenever you want to view contents from their pages. This strategy can help you reduce the time you spend on social media.

Social Media Facts:

  • Barrack Obama’s Twitter account is the most followed on Twitter.
  • An average user of Twitter has around 707 persons following him.

10. Create a Social Media Time Table:

I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of having a time table, it helps you organize your activities.

Just like you have a timetable for your daily affairs, why not create one that governs your use of social media.
A simple list involving time, social media platform and activities you want to perform would suffice.

There is no need to design your schedule on a paper or cardboard. Just jot it down using the Notes app on your phone.

Set an alarm or reminder to complement the time table.

Also, instead of creating a daily time table for your social media activities, just create a weekly or monthly time table.

A task like this isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved.


  • It will help you reduce the time you spend on social media.
  • Your use of social media will be more productive.

11. Create whatever contents you’ll need ahead of time:

What if your profession is social media related? More like digital marketing, blogging, influencing and so on.

Some might argue that professions like these requires that you spend a lot of time on social media.

Well I’m not disputing that fact. While these professions require lots of time on social media, you can reduce the time spent by creating contents ahead of time.

Don’t just create them when they are needed.

Select a day or days a week to create whatever contents you think you’ll need.

This kind of strategy requires discipline.


  • Gives you more free time to accomplish other things.
  • It prevents you from the pressure that comes with trying to meet up with a deadline.

12. Re-post contents:
If you own a blog, instead of always posting articles daily or weekly, why not re-post the contents that are already available?

This approach helps reduce the time spent on the media.

Also, it gives people the chance to see the same contents again. And this can help increase your blogs traffic.

You can set your blog to automatically re-post specific contents.

This doesn’t mean you should stop uploading new contents.


  • It increases the number of views a post gets.
  • It helps promote your brand.

Advice from Ethicsage
Social media can be likened to a knife. Knives have been used in lots of homicides.

Is the knife bad or something evil? No! It isn’t. It can either be used for a good or bad purpose.

Social media has a lot of benefits and it also has disadvantages. It all depends on how it is used.

Use it in a way that’ll benefit you and not in a way that will destroy you.

Forget all about Snapchat contests and chasing clouts on Twitter.

There’s more to life than all these. Have a balanced view of social media.

It is my desire that this article assists you in limiting your time on social media.

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