Benefits of Limiting your Hours on Social Media

Social media is generally loved by people because it’s fun.

No wonder the average person spends not less than two hours chatting, Tweeting and streaming videos on a daily basis.

There is more to life than chatting or viewing tweets. You’ll soon come to learn about the benefits associated with limiting your hours on social platforms.

I know you may be thinking of questions like:

Won’t I be bored if I reduce my hours on social platforms?

Will I not become a Grinch?

Written below are ten benefits that comes with reducing the hours you spend on social platforms.

1. Spare time to accomplish new things

Two hours daily, that’s the average time people generally spend on social platforms.

Notice the keyword there is generally. We all know that we spend more than two hours daily on social media.

Social media is what most people use to kill boredom or pass away time.

But instead of turning to chatting and streaming videos whenever boredom creeps in, why not do something else?

You could

  • Finish that dusty novel on your shelf.
  • Arrange your room/ wardrobe.
  • Research on those puzzling questions that bother you.
  • Try that new cooking formula you’ve been fantasizing about.

All these suggestions comes with some form of benefit. There is no conclusion to the list of new things to try.

When you reduce the hours you spend on social platforms, you’ll be able to accomplish lots of activities.

2. Contentment

When you limit the hours you spend on social platforms, you’ll feel contented with yourself and effort.

On Tweeter, Instagram and similar online platforms, people mostly post lies and successful parts of their lives.

Uploads like these can cause you to feel discontented with your lot in life.

Consider this scenario, Hilary uploads a picture of a car he allegedly bought, his newly acquired mansion and a picture of his girlfriend.

Seeing all these uploads can cause you to feel that Hilary has a perfect life.

Also, it can trigger a false notion making you feel that you’re not doing enough when you really are.

While a healthy view of another person’s success can make you sit up, unhealthy view of it will sap the joy out of you.

A lot of contents on social platforms are usually lies, or a fraction of a dark story.

The car Hilary uploaded might not actually be his and the same for the mansion.

It could also be that the girl in the picture is just a cousin of his.

You’ll be more prone to feelings of low self-esteem and anxiety if you spend a lot of hours on social platforms.

Limiting your hours on social platforms will help reduce those anxious feelings that comes from seeing false achievements online.

3. Less distractions

Social platforms comes with many distractions.

You might have a test or exam you’re preparing for and boom you hear notification pops.

What you determined to be a quick peek can become hours of YouTube binge.

But blocking notifications from social platforms by means of do not disturb mode or other methods will aid in being more attentive.

4. Opportunities

Limiting the hours you spend online allows you more opportunities in life.

Opportunities isn’t always money related. In this context, it refers to quality time with those dear to you.

Back in the days before social platforms existed, the entire family would share meals together and communicate.

But now, each family member just wants to isolate. The family is together but distant.

Reducing your hours on social forum will improve the bond between you and your loved ones.

5. More polite to others

Do you remember Sméagol in lord of the rings? That decayed elf who’s always saying precious.

That’s how people who are addicted to social media behave. They can’t refrain from pressing their phones whenever there’s a meal, gathering or any other social activity.

If that’s how you behave, I’d like to bring to your attention the impoliteness of that behavior.

You’ll make your friends feel as if you do not value your time with them.

But learning to reduce your social platform hours will help you recognize others and be more polite to them.

Also, people will no longer view you as self-absolved.

6. More time to relax

Research shows that teenagers who spend their time on device related activities (streaming videos, tweeting) may find it difficult to fall asleep.

Issues like this can be connected with insomnia symptoms.

In order to avoid issues like these, it would best to reduce the hours you spend on social platforms.

Don’t deprive yourself of naps when you need them, avoid going to bed around 1am in the morning.

7. Privacy

You’ll have more privacy if you spend less hours on social forums.

A lot of people feel that every aspect of their life should be public because of trends on social platforms.

But not every aspect about your life should be public.

There is no need to upload what you ate for dinner last night or where you’ll be spending your next vacation.

Revealing too much about yourself can cause you to be preyed upon by cyber stalkers.

You also need to be aware that revealing too much about yourself can give hackers all that is needed to compromise your social accounts.

Limiting your social platform hours can help you better resist the temptation to post more than what’s needed about yourself.

8. Reduced emotional stress

Research have shown that those who spend much hours on social platforms tend suffer mentally.

Seeing others upload their achievement on social forums tends to cause some form of toxic competition.

Social platforms are filled with display of material possessions. And this form of display can cause subtle feelings of jealousy in you.

Seeing others have what you desire but cannot get is emotional torture.

But you won’t have to go through all that stress if your time on social media is reduced.

You’ll be pleased with what you have if you reduce your view of people’s material things.

9. It reduces lonely feelings

A lot of hours on social forums contributes to loneliness. It seems hard to believe but consider the research below.

In one University, 143 students were asked to spend only ten minutes on any social forum they used daily.

They were required to follow this routine for 21 days.

The result from the experiment showed that those who restricted their usage of social forums felt less lonely than those who didn’t.

The result highlighted that restricting your use of social forums to just 30 mins daily can improve your mental health.

The result seems ironical right? You may feel that social media corresponds to having more company, but a lot of research have proved that to be wrong.

So if you want to feel connected to people learn to communicate without the aid of social platforms.

10. Living Simple

Living simple in this context refers to less pursuits of material things.

Due to the showy lifestyle displayed on social platforms, one can lose track of what is important.

The showy life style on social platforms can influence how you spend.

If aren’t careful, you may begin to buy more than what’s needed because you want to show off online.

Limiting your hours on social forums aids you in living a simple life.


Social platforms can be interesting, but it’s not the most beautiful thing about life.

Reducing the hours you spend on social platforms will benefit you greatly.

I really hope the ten suggestions outlined in this article enlightens you on the benefits of reducing your time on social platforms.

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