24 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Society Needs to Know

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., are widely popular in today’s society, especially among the youths.

Statistics show that about half of the world’s population uses social media and highlight that its popularity is yet to reach its peak.

Either positively or negatively, it’s no news that social media has a massive impact on the way we live today.

In this article, I will highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of using social media.

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Here are the 24 Advantages of Social Media in Todays’ Society

1. Communication

Of course, communication is the first thing that comes to our mind when using social media.

Facilitating communication is one of the primary purposes of social media.

It seems to be the quickest way to broadcast information worldwide.

Long past was the time when distance was a barrier to communication.

With the aid of social media, people separated by territory, religion, etc., can come together, communicate, connect and build a relationship.

2. Cheaper communication

Asides from social media, there are other technical ways to communicate with people. But the advantage social media has over them is its cost.

Communicating with devices like fax and telephone costs a significant amount of money.

But speaking with the aid of social media is far cheaper and easier to maintain.

3. A tool for job hunting

Apart from advertising, another advantage of social media is job opportunities. The use of social media isn’t just restricted to chatting and content updates. 

Today, it has become helpful in searching for jobs. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are great places to search for jobs. 

Another thing you need to know is that many companies use social media to search for potential job candidates.

According to Jobvite’s 2020 survey, recruiters anticipate an increase in their search for job candidates on social media by 78%.

4. Facilitates the spread of information

Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are platforms for spreading information.

One fascinating fact about these platforms is that it takes about a minute or less to spread information worldwide.

Today you get information from these social platforms in real-time.

Gone are the days where newspapers and television broadcasts were the champions of the quick spread of information.

5. Connection

Another merit of social media is it connects you to people with cultures, religions, and backgrounds different from yours.

When you relate with people who have differing circumstances from yours, you’ll learn to see things from different perspectives.

It can also help you to find old friends with whom you’ve lost contact. Asides from Facebook and Twitter, there are newly emerging websites that can connect you to people all over the globe.

Besides hooking up with friends, you can also grow and expand your business contacts on social media.

6. Facilitates Education

Social media is also a great way to learn new things.

Depending on the social platform you’re using, you can learn from professionals in your field of study.

You also have the privilege to learn from professionals in another field of study by just clicking the follow or subscribe button.

Social media eliminates the financial barrier that prevents many from being educated.

There are many courses you can learn online and for free. All you need is just an internet connection.

Social Media has also improved the quality of education.

Students are free from the bondage of going to library buildings to get materials for projects.

7. Makes Learning Much Easier

Another advantage of social media concerning education is, it heightens teaching standards.

It also focuses on individual learning and not as a group.

A student is more likely to come across content, updates, articles, books, and numerous materials related to his field of study on social media.

Though the student might not go through all this material upon the first contact, he’ll at least learn something.

He’s more likely to learn new words and improve his vocabulary, definition of terms, etc.

Social media has also extended the space of physical education via social platforms for online classes.

8. Helps Students Participate Better at Classes

Many students prefer to be quiet when learning in public, perhaps because they are shy or because of some reasons best known to them.

But with the aid of social media through e-learning, the anxiety that shy students feel in public is reduced. Thus, they’re able to focus better.

Also, most e-classes are recorded. Therefore, students can always access the information later.

9. Open Forum for Questions

In a typical class, most students wait for the next class before asking questions concerning what they’ve learned.

But with the aid of social media, a student can always ask questions on the chat forum since it’s always active.

The questions asked are not necessarily restricted to what was taught in class.

They could be questions on assignments given or relating to the topics discussed.

Also, students could use the chat forum to discuss what they’ve learned or even come up with new ideas.

Social media platforms keep the class ongoing. Learning doesn’t end at the end of physical classes.

10. Freedom of Expression

On social media, people feel free to express their emotions without any hindrance.

A lot of people express their feelings through content updates, memes, and short videos.

When physically communicating with others, a lot of us are more reserved in expressions.

But most people are more expressive behind the screen and tend to be more Communicative.

Also, you are free to speak your mind either positively or negatively on social media without the fear of having a black eye in some cases.

11. Helps the Government Communicate with Its Citizens

The importance of social media isn’t just limited to everyday citizens. Even the government can benefit from it.

A lot of people use social media to express their points of view on different matters. The government could make use of that.

They can observe trends concerning matters correlating to the nation. This can help them highlight the demands or interests of citizens.

Social media is the common environment for most citizens.

So, if the government wants to gain much of its citizen’s trust, they can begin by observing the demands of their citizens via social media.

12. Entertainment

Aside from watching movies and hanging out with friends, social media is another medium of entertainment for many people.

Humans are social beings, and we weren’t made to be on our own.

As a result, we desire to have relationships with other humans. That’s why you often notice people giggling at their phones constantly.

According to Statista, the average person spends over two hours on social media daily.

In addition, most social media users do all kinds of stuff like view other users’ posts, watch videos, make comments, upload photos or statements about their day.

Most people tend to be more energetic on social media platforms than in person.

I suppose it’s because many are less retiring behind a screen rather than in person.

13. Reveals Your Business

As stated earlier, about half of the world’s population makes use of social media.

Therefore, we can compare social media to an arena with a large audience.

This platform is the best way to publicize your business worldwide and at a more economical cost.

Linking yourself with the right audience is enough to give your business fitting recognition.

You don’t need paid ads to make your business commercial.

With the support of social media platforms, you’ll be able to expand the range of your enterprises.

14. Advance Intercommunication with Consumers

Social media aids entrepreneurs in having thriving interactions with their patrons.

It reduces stress. You don’t have to wait for customer service to pick your call.

The usage of social media platforms supports the easy connection of a customer to the service department.

Customers can comfortably lodge objections about a product or a personal flaw in service.

This will help the service department monitor the interest of the company’s consumers and make practical adjustments.

15. Performance Ratings

You can employ social media to rate your business performance.

For example, you can adopt social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to conduct your surveys.

These surveys can give you shrewdness into whether your business is fulfilling the demands of your consumers.

You can likewise have access to the number of views and likes your contents hold.

All these mechanisms on social media and many more can enhance your market growth.

They can also support you in making good business plans.

16. Appends More Trust to Your Label

Utilizing social media, an entrepreneur can grow the level of confidence consumers have for his brand.

A cluster of people tends to trust a brand when its customer service department values the reviews of its consumers.

This can be done by acknowledging the grievances of your consumers on your social media pages.

Additionally, when creating a new product, why not utilize your social media pages to ask your consumers for their input.

Doing all these will support you in creating a product that’s accepted by your consumers and ultimately increase the level of confidence in your brand.

Satisfied customers will also join in bringing more awareness to your brand.

In a nutshell, social media plays a huge role in building confidence in your brand’s quality.

17. Production of Organic Contents for Free

Organic contents are free digital posts that aren’t paid for and are produced by you.

They can be found using keywords on search engines.

Some models of organic content are stories, pictures, memes, videos, etc. This brand of content assists in bringing recognition to your label.

Platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can be used to produce organic content for your business.

Organic contents are high-grade means to promote your brand and bring unrestricted recognition to it.

18. Increase Website Traffic

Living in the digital age, it’s common for companies to own their website.

It’s also the hope of those companies to improve the traffic their site has.

Social media is a pretty good way to improve traffic on a website.

Most if not all social media platforms permit users to append links to whatever they upload.

This peculiarity is very beneficial to entrepreneurs.

You can always create appealing organic content on social media platforms and append a link to your websites on it.

Having more traffic on your websites assists to expand sales and publicize your brand.

19. Promotes Communication Between Various Groups

Interaction with other characters is no longer restricted to those in the same country or geographic location as you are.

Imagine living in the pre-social media age where your mindset is oblivious to other cultures and tethered to what’s only around you.

But that’s all in history now. With the aid of social media, you can learn about the ways and opinions of other cultures.

To put it simply, coming out of the well and seeing the world.

20. Grants Us Added Details About Each Other

Social media has changed the idea of communication.

The way we experience communication is very different from the way it used to be.

Social media give us free access to a person’s profile without having to ask.

In virtually all social media platforms, if not all, a moderate amount of information about you is presented publicly for everyone to see.

Also, social media platforms like Facebook can connect you to long-lost friends you believed you’d never encounter again.

21. Facilitates Professional Development

You can create a professional identity through social media.

To strengthen yourself professionally on social media, you start by beginning to render services to people that know you online.

Next, you enhance your profile or status depending on the social media platform.

This can be done by declaring what your services are about on your profile.

The content you upload can also help grow your professional awareness. So, it’ll be best to upload content correlating to your profession at interims.

Aside from utilizing social platforms, you could also use freelance business platforms like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Potential clients will not slide into your chat page. In many cases, you’ll need to initiate negotiations with strangers and even those you’re familiar with.

All this is necessary for you to be recognized professionally.

22. Brings Awareness to Matters

Social media platforms can help bring awareness to concerns that aren’t public.

It can also give voices to those who don’t possess one.

This could be because of their financial state, faith, a minority among other ethnic groups, etc.

You can bring awareness of some issues by utilizing status updates, live videos, blog posts, tweets, and retweets, etc.

It can be used to reveal injustice, request help, and even combat crime.

This peculiarity isn’t just confined to a stratum in society. But all social stratum today can benefit from the awareness gift held by social media.

23. Humanitarian Causes

You can also use social platforms for humanitarian acts. It can be used to raise go-fund accounts for those in need.

There are lots of groups or communities on social media where people present problems plaguing society.

These groups can help rally people to engage in social services like helping people affected by natural disasters relocate or fix their homes if possible.

Also, communities exist where people are supported to cope with life challenges.

They can be assisted through online support groups, constant encouragement, etc.

With the aid of social media, people with professional skills and wealth could also team up to help society.

24. Connecting Individuals with Shared Interests

The world of today is separated for a lot of reasons. Some of them are ethnicity, skin color, geography, etc.

OH!! I almost forgot, religion, the brief list would not be complete without it.

There are a lot of interest-uniting communities on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and more.

To be frank, a person who loves poetry could join a poetry community or group on Reddit.

These communities help people from a different caste of society associate with each other based on a common interest, notwithstanding the reasons listed earlier.

Here are the 17 Disadvantages of Social Media in Todays’ Society You Need to Know

Social media has a lot of applications or advantages, some of which were mentioned above.

But the disadvantage isn’t something that should be neglected.

Anything can be used positively or negatively, it just depends much on the personality using it.

Written below are some of the negative effects of social media society needs to know.

1. Addiction

Addiction is sadly one of the disadvantages of social media.

Social media addiction is so terrible to the size that it can consume a person’s life and relationship with others.

According to Statista, about 40% of people in the U.S within the age range of 18 and 22 are addicted.

TrueList also estimates that over 200 million users all over the world are suffering from social media addiction.

Users who are addicted to social media become so engrossed in it to the extent that they completely disengage themselves from society.

Addiction prevents these users from developing genuine relationships and making prolific use of their time.

2. Relationship problems

Social media has caused a lot of problems for different types of relationships.

No relationship is perfect but social media seems to cause more problems within the marriage.

When a married person spends more time on social media, his partner is more likely to think he’s cheating.

In a lot of cases, that often is the reality.

Social media is a breeding ground for marital insecurities, a tweet from a member of the opposite sex can cause serious damage and jealousy in a relationship.

It can also destroy the bridge for communication in a relationship, especially when one partner is a social media freak.

According to pew research, a survey in 2019 shows that about 51% of those committed to a relationship complain that about the amount of time spent on social media by their partners.

3. Cyberbullying

A study on cyberbullying shows that about 73% of students in the U.S admit to having experienced cyberbullying at some point in time.

A lot of children have become targets for cyberbullies.

Since many netizens become emboldened behind the screen, they feel free to commit all sorts of atrocities.

Since fake social media accounts with false profiles can be created, many have resulted to trolling their fellow social media users, especially on Twitter.

Cyberbullying can come in the form of false rumors, threats, spam messages, etc.

Research shows that victims of cyberbullying are twice more likely to commit suicide.

4. Fraudulent Activities

Social media is a common environment for fraudsters.

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of people who have been robbed or scammed via social media.

According to a certain survey, there were over 50 thousand scams reported all over the globe in the year 2020.

Most of us aren’t new to scams but to be on the safe side, here are some subtle ways in which fraudsters try to scam people.

Canceled account

This kind of scam is akin to email and Facebook accounts. A message that your account has been blocked is sent to your email or Facebook account.

It could also come as a threatening message to block your account.

The message usually ends with a request for some information about you.

If you encounter messages like this make sure you don’t give out your personal information.

The Nigerian Prince Scam

This scam is as old as time itself. It usually involves a guy who claims to be a Nigerian prince and is stranded in another country.

He’ll ask his victims for financial assistance and promise to reward them when he gets to his kingdom.

Who falls for that!! You might exclaim, but I tell you a lot of people are victims of this folklore scam!!

5. It can Persuade you to Perform Foolish Acts

A crate challenge is currently blowing through the atmosphere of Tiktok.

It involves stacking beverage crates on top of each other, and you must climb to the top of these unbalanced stacked crates.

Even though many have been injured and few have died based on this challenge, many still engage in it.

Some even endanger their lives by climbing the stacked crates with a bicycle. Extreme sports like these are scattered around the media.

As a result, people are swayed into acting foolishly; and sadly, even old people who should know better.

6. Unregulated Contents Roam Free

While social media promotes free speech and freedom of expression, some speech or ideologies are dangerous and can cause harm to others.

Speech that glorifies violent acts towards other people of different cultures, religions, races, etc. shouldn’t be tolerated.

Expression or content that supports the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and other criminal-related activities should also not be tolerated.

But the reality is often the opposite. Self-destructive behaviors are usually the order of things on social media platforms.

A lot of social media platforms encourage uncensored content. Many tend to be risqué and sexually provocative, all in the name of freedom of expression.

7. Issues Concerning Security

I think I can confidently say that there’s almost no privacy on social media.

A lot of people post everything about their lives on social media and unknowingly to them, this makes them a target for internet trolls and stalkers.

The most common security problem most social media users face is that of a stolen password or a hacked account.

A lot of Facebook users experience this. Even on WhatsApp, a person’s account could also be hacked.

Some IT companies can also gain access to the personal account of social media users without their knowledge.

8. False News

Social media is an advocate of quick information.

But it also allows the spread of false news because most of the contents it contains are uncensored.

A lot of social media users upload false content all to gain followers or attention. Naively, the masses repost these contents without verifying their authenticity.

A single post by a person can circulate the entire world in just a matter of minutes.

9. Social Media Can Destroy a Business Brand

Social media is one of the best platforms, if not the best to build a business brand, but it can also destroy it.

A business brand can be destroyed by internet trolls or a rival brand.

This can happen in a situation when they spread information about a brand that isn’t true.

Just like the way a person’s image can be damaged on social media, so can that of a business brand.

10. Time Consuming

Social media is often used by people to pass away time or rest.

Many people spend the time they could’ve used for more fruitful activities on social media.

When it comes to the list of things that facilitates unproductivity, social stands at the top. Teenagers in most cases are usually the victims.

I’m not condemning social media, I’m just saying it can be a huge source of distraction. Lack of self-discipline can hinder completing a job at the proper time.

11. Social Media Can Cause Sleeping Disorder

People who are addicted to social media can find it very hard to fall asleep.

This is because not constantly sleeping at the proper time has damaged the cells responsible for sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by prolonged use of social media. Teenagers who spend over 3 hours chatting have a higher chance of going to bed very late in the night.

12. Usage of Social Media Can Lead to Depression

On social media, people get exposed to a false perception of how their life should be.

They observe people living lavish or fake lives and feel depressed because they can’t have such lifestyles.

Unrestrained screen time is bad for our brains and can cause headaches or mood swings.

13. Prevents you From Reaching your Goals

Social media can also be a stumbling block on the part of those trying to meet up deadlines.

A lot of people fail to reach their goals daily, but very few are aware that their prolonged use of social media is the cause of their failure.

The continuous display of pictures and videos on social media pages is captivating and wastes the time of its users.

Effects of its distraction might not be seen now, but they’re usually evident with time.

14. Bad Influence

Bad company can ruin the character of a responsible person. Social media platforms expose you to different kinds of people.

Sadly, a lot of them are ill-mannered, uncouth, and support radical ideologies.

15. Instills Bad Habits in Children

Children of our time also have access to social media.

Children no longer have reading habits or study time because they’re addicted to social media.

The harmful effect of social media is evident in their grades.

The grades of a lot of children are poor and even those with average scores have the potential to do better.

But this is only possible if they regulate their use of social media.

16. Hinders Social Interaction

Constantly hiding behind a screen to communicate has stunted the social ability of many people.

A lot of people find it hard to engage in a conversation for just one minute without staring at their phones.

It seems as if social media is breeding a self-indulging set of individuals.

17. Reduces the Seriousness of Students

Students rarely use the libraries because most of the material they’ll need can be found on the internet.

While this can be advantageous, there’s also a high probability that the rate at which students study will reduce.

A lot of students are no longer interested in doing research on topics and developing individual ideas.

They just want to copy whatever they see online and paste it.

In A Nutshell

Mentioned above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Social media can be good and bad, it all depends on the way it’s being used.

Social media is very useful and is a good way to kill time when we feel bored.

But we need to learn to keep social media in its place.

Our social lives should not be restricted to giggling behind screens.

We should go out more often and experience life with loved ones.

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